Boost your social media engagement.
Increase conversions. 
Attract more dream clients .

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You're posting consistently on instagram but aren't seeing great engagement & it's got you frustrated!

You want to learn new ways to generate consistent leads into your business every day without spending a bomb on marketing!

Clients aren't spending money with you/telling you they don't have money and also aren't rebooking!


Together we go through:

-> How to create content that not only ENGAGES your audience but also helps you to GROW your following & attract more paying clients into your business!⚡️

-> Client attraction strategies outside of Instagram (because there is more to marketing then just Instagram + Facebook ads)

-> How to retain & re-engage your new raving fans so that you can create CONSISTENT income in your business!

Do any of  these situations sound  familiar?

What we'll cover

Dear Dream Client is a 3 module program that is pre-recorded and SELF PACED! 
Meaning you can pause, rewind & re-listen whenever you need a refresh and recap!

My inbox and DM's are FULL with people asking for 1:1 coaching on social media marketing, needing help to boost engagement & looking for ways to attract new clients! 

When can we get started!

prices listed here are in AUD 


Two monthly payments 
of $350

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2 x $350

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Pay in full

Two monthly payments
of $230USD

Payment plan
2 x $230

prices listed here are in USD for my 
international audience!

One upfront payment of

Pay in full 
$697 AUD

Sera, Stellar aesthetics

We are about maybe a month in, and so far I have sold product daily, my team has doubled their product sales. Our approach to skin as a whole has changed, we’ve been using ourselves as models for results. We speak to every person about their skin even if they aren’t there for it. We have more confidence in our expertise & we are able to give our apprentice a skin education she simply couldn’t get form tafe or anywhere else

Kylie, Lotus Beaute 

"I wish I met you earlier in my career! I've learned more in the past 6 months since working with you, then I have in 20 years of my whole career. It's 100% been the gap that I needed to fill!"

Georgia Hall

Excellent! Absolutely nothing compares to this training. Very valuable information that I am so glad and grateful to have learned. Kelly is so easy to listen to and breaks concepts down into super simple terms that are easy to remember and explain to clients.

Beck hamilton

Amazing program that really helped me have a better understanding of the skin and helped me build my confidence in what I do. Highly recommend.

what my students are saying.. 

I am a qualified dermal therapist, beauty industry educator & online business owner!
In 2021 I went ALL IN with my digital business, creating courses to educate the beauty industry on skin histology!

In September 2021 I had a $5000 month, then after learning how to market myself and doing my first big marketing campaign, in October 2021 I had an $18.8k month!!!

Now I want to help other business owners achieve the same if not BETTER!

Skin therapist, clinical educator and multiple six-figure online business owner! 

Hi, I'm Kelly