Digital Marketing Machine

scale your business and sell on autopilot


What if there was an easier way to market your business online that helped you to increase bookings, sales & revenue into your business CONSISTENTLY!? 🙌

Do you struggle with low engagement, coming up with content ideas & the motivation to be consistent on your social media? 

If your business isn't making money, it's really just a hobby and this is the problem you have..
No matter your marketing efforts, you just don't seem to generate sales!

People aren't buying from you!


You don't have a problem showing up on socials and talking about your offer, but your content just doesn't seem to connect with your ideal audience and you struggle with low engagement!

You post a lot but it's just not landing!


So you don't post for ages and then when you do come up with an idea, you sit on it and spend unnecessary HOURS creating it, all for it to get *crickets* 

you struggle to come up with content ideas


Do any of  these situations sound  familiar?

⚡️You knew exactly what levers to pull to increase engagement on your socials
⚡️You didn't feel overwhelmed and instead found a process to market your business that you enjoyed!
⚡️ Content ideas were plentiful and you never ran out of them 
PLUS you consistently had
⚡️A steady stream of enquiries and bookings
⚡️Passive sales and people signing up to your programs and offerings WHILE YOU SLEEP
⚡️ Financial security thanks to your ability to market and sell online!  

Imagine a world where...

Digital Marketing Machine is designed for entrepreneurs who want to learn how to scale their business online and generate more sales. It offers a comprehensive, step-by-step approach that is easy to understand to ensure your efforts actually see a return on investment!

Let me teach you how marketing has helped me generate $500k in less than 2 years!

Before you give up and throw in the towel..

what my students are saying.. 

Module 4 - Your Content Strategy
▶ Sales Psychology & Showing Up As The Expert (1:16:01)
▶ Creating REELS the Easy Way! (58:27)
▶ Long Form Content & Why You NEED IT! (8:08)
▶ Short Form Content (4:25)
▶ Content Matrix Template (4:23)
▶ Airtable + Plann (7:46)

Module 5 - Selling Through Your Marketing
▶ Grow & Sell! (1:04:28)
▶ Repurposing Content (4:43)
▶ Live Launching (11:10)
📄 Live Launching
▶ Lean In Method (5:31)

📄 Go VIRAL Method
▶ Paid Advertisements - Are They Worth It? (10:49)
▶ How To Attract High Paying Clients (1:27:43)
📄 Client Attraction Pack

Module 1 - Understanding your ideal client
▶  DATA RESEARCH! (4:06)
📄 What problem do you solve?
📄 Pain & Pleasure Points
▶  Psychographics & Demographics Deep Dive (6:27)

Module 2 - Growing Your Followers
📄 Get More Eyeballs On Your Business!
▶  Brand Awareness vs Growing Followers (7:14)

Module 3 - Creating a Sales Funnel
▶  What is a Sales Funnel? (10:49)
▶  Types of Sales Funnels (8:42)
📄 Creating a Sales Funnel Strategy
📄 The Tech Set Up!
▶   It's NOT Set & Forget (2:16)
▶   EXAMPLE: Showing You MY Sales Funnel & Lead Magnet (5:28)

Take a look at what's inside:

It's harder to stay focused ESPECIALLY when there are kids to be looked after, phone calls and messages to respond to, doors to answer, dogs to yell
"STOP BARKING" at and constant distractions in our daily life!

Even myself as I type this, I've had to lock myself away in an apartment for a week to be able to create this content with maximum focus!

It's for this reason, I have made this program a MIX of short
5-10 minute videos, downloadable PDF's, step by steps,
resources and templates & longer videos!
There will also be an implementation suggestion at the end
of each module!

I get it..
 Attention spans are SHORT!

Five monthly payments of
$330 AUD

payment plan
5 x$330

Three monthly payments of
$550 AUD

3 x $550

One upfront payment of
$1497 AUD

Pay in full

prices listed here are in AUD (australian Dollars)
SELECT between usd/nzd/cad/eur/gbp AT THE CHECKOUT 😉


Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Yes!! If you have a team that help you with marketing, PLEASE DO!

Can my whole team enjoy the content?


Digital marketing machine is pre-recorded but is a mix of videos, guides, step by steps & downloads so you don't get learner fatigue!

Is the training live or pre-recorded?


You'll get lifetime access to the program, so that you can come back and refresh on the training!

How long do I get access to the program for? 


I bet you're wondering....

your questions answered

100% as these learnings have come from me being an online business owner!

Can I do this if I have an online business?


As long as you are service based! ie. Hairdresser, beauty therapists, esthetician, personal trainer! 

Can I do this if I'm a bricks and mortar business?


No! In fact I don't recommend if you put all your eggs into the one basket with social media. 

Do I need to have a social media following for this to work?


I am a qualified dermal therapist, beauty industry educator & online business owner!
In 2021 I went ALL IN with my digital business, creating courses to educate the beauty industry on skin histology!

In September 2021 I had a $5000 month, then after learning how to market myself and doing my first big marketing campaign, in October 2021 I had an $18.8k month!!!

Now I want to help other business owners achieve the same if not BETTER!

Skin therapist, clinical educator and multiple six-figure online business owner! 

Hi, I'm Kelly 

Learn how to create effective marketing campaigns that will help you reach MORE customers and grow your business.

Discover how to optimise your online presence to maximise your profits and get the most out of your digital marketing efforts.

Gain the skills and knowledge needed to quickly and efficiently market your business online and generate more sales.

This course is perfect for you if you want to..

Five monthly payments of
$330 AUD

payment plan
5 x$330

Three monthly payments of
$550 AUD

3 x $550

One upfront payment of
$1497 AUD

Pay in full

prices listed here are in AUD (australian Dollars)
SELECT between usd/nzd/cad/eur/gbp AT THE CHECKOUT 😉


Grow your business, increase profits & save time!