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Round 2 happening Jan 2023

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The ultimate program for any skin therapist looking to grow their skin science knowledge and wanting to start performing more skin treatments in clinic

Improve your understanding on skin histology


Get my printable, visual skin concern flash cards  along with a mini training & scripts to help you nail your explanation of skin concerns to your clients! 

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Here's how I can help you!

I am a qualified dermal therapist and industry educator!
I have been fortunate enough to have worked for some of Australia's TOP skincare brands such as: Ultraceuticals, Aspect, Cosmedix, SkinPen and more! 
I've educated hundreds of therapists & beauty business owners worldwide in my career and hundreds through my online programs.
I have a thriving community on Facebook called: Skin Lovers Unite and I'm the host of the Skin Lovers Unite Podcast! 
The #1 podcast for hungry skin therapists to learn and grow! 

Lover of all things skin histology, cellular function, ingredient technology, pineapple lumps & the colour pink!

Hi, I'm Kelly. 

For hungry to learn therapist, ready to step into their power as a thriving SkinQueen! 👑

SkinQueen Society

SkinQueen Society is a self paced online course for people already working within the beauty industry, performing skin treatments, who want to properly understand the skin histology behind areas of concerns such as: sensitive skin, acne, hyperpigmentation, rosacea & facial redness plus more! 
You won't leave this training feeling silly, dumb or like an imposter...
You'll leave feeling really empowered with a clear understanding of skin histology & each skin concern ✅

ready to become a confident skin therapist?

-Kylie, Lotus Beaute 

"I wish I met you earlier in my career! I've learned more in the past 6 months since working with you, then I have in 20 years of my whole career. It's 100% been the gap that I needed to fill!"

We are about maybe a month in, and so far I have sold product daily, my team has doubled their product sales. Our approach to skin as a whole has changed, we’ve been using ourselves as models for results. We speak to every person about their skin even if they aren’t there for it. We have more confidence in our expertise & we are able to give our apprentice a skin education she simply couldn’t get form tafe or anywhere else
-Stellar Aesthetics

-Georgia Hall

Excellent! Absolutely nothing compares to this training. Very valuable information that I am so glad and grateful to have learned. Kelly is so easy to listen to and breaks concepts down into super simple terms that are easy to remember and explain to clients.
- Georgia Hall

Amazing program that really helped me have a better understanding of the skin and helped me build my confidence in what I do. Highly recommend.
- Bec Hamilton

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All things Redness & Rosacea


Barrier Function and how to ACTUALLY look after it!




Acne & Roaccutane - is it really that bad?


Tune in and join me (SkinQueen) as I chat all things skin science and growing your business with some STAND OUT guests from the industry!

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