Digital Product Academy

It's time to make money whilst sippin' martinis!


What about one where you could trade your knowledge for money and truly impact the lives of MANY in a positive and influential way? 

Welcome to being a course creator!

Do you want a life where the rising costs of living don't bother you, and your income ISN'T dependant on how many hours you work?

You have big plans and big goals when it comes to money, lifestyle and achieving your big goals, but it just feels SO OUT OF REACH!!
If you continue on the same path you're on now, you'll never achieve your goals

You're over feeling financially stressed!


You're at pro at what you know! You've been in your business or career a long time and you know you can share your skills, expertise and knowledge with someone else to help them achieve a certain goal or transformation! 

You have years of experience!


Your income feels capped to the hours you're rostered or the amount of clients you service, and there are so many hours in the day and week to work!!

You're currently employed or self employed


Let me guess ⬇️

It's a Monday morning at 10am, you've just started your day and you've already made $1000! 

❌  You didn't have to put on a uniform to do this..
❌  You didn't have to get in the car and drive to work.. 
❌ You didn't even have to see anyone, and you've already made your once weekly wage! 

Your DM's and emails are full of people THANKING YOU for helping them to achieve (insert transformation) and they are so glad they found you! 

You have purpose, you feel fulfilled, you're helping people more than ever and you're being financially compensated for it!   

Imagine this.. 

Learn how to create your very own ebook, online course, digital templates or even membership so that you can start helping people achieve transformations in their lives and start generating revenue in the form of passive sales in yours!

Let me teach you how I've made over $500k in 2 years from an online course! 

Online course sales are projected to reach $18.9B by 2026, which will make it the fastest-growing market in education!

what my students are saying.. 

Module 4 - Sales Funnels, Lead Magnets & Your Signature Program
 ▶ Creating A Mini Course Or A Tripwire (5:46)
 ▶ What Is A Sales Funnel (10:49)
📄 Creating A Sales Funnel Strategy
 ▶ Creating Your Lead Magnet 🧲 (11:35)
 ▶ Your Signature Program (5:37)
📄 Sales Page Layout + What To Say
📄 Email Marketing

Module 5 - Time To Make Money
▶ Live Launching Your Online Course (11:10)
▶ Selling On Evergreen (4:55)

Private support Facebook group with live Zoom calls during launches 

Module 1 - Foundations
📄 What Will Your Digital Product Help People With?
📄 Test Your Idea!
📄 Pricing!

Module 2 - EASY tech setup
 ▶  Website + CRM + LMS + EDM's (13:15)
 ▶  Creating Your Digital Product! (4:11)
 ▶  Live or Pre-recorded? (5:16)

Module 3 - Delivering & Facilitating Information
 ▶  Facilitating Information (10:59)
📄 Remembering Your Notes
📄 Train The Trainer
 ▶  Putting It All Together (11:24)

Take a look at what's inside..

It can be overwhelming at first to even THINK about starting an online business! 
What tech do I use? 
What equipment do I need?
What would I even teach? 

But stress less my Queen! 
This is exactly what I help you with inside of Digital Product Academy!

I'll show you what programs to use, how to integrate it all, my shortcuts and hacks to speed up time and start generating cash without signing up to $299USD / month software and how to make it user friendly!

And before you say it..
 I wasn't tech savvy when I started either!

Yes!! If you have a team that help you with marketing, PLEASE DO!

Can my whole team enjoy the content?


Digital product academy is pre-recorded but is a mix of videos, guides, step by steps & downloads so you don't get learner fatigue!

Is the training live or pre-recorded?


You'll get lifetime access to the program, so that you can come back and refresh on the training!

How long do I get access to the program for? 


I bet you're wondering....

your questions answered

100% as these learnings have come from me being a side hustler -> business owner

Can I do this as a side hustle?


This is the only thing I can't help you with! This will be up to you!

Will you help me pick a course topic?


No! In fact I don't recommend if you put all your eggs into the one basket with social media. 

Do I need to have a social media following for this to work?


I am a qualified dermal therapist, beauty industry educator & online business owner!
In 2021 I went ALL IN with my digital business, creating courses to educate the beauty industry on skin histology!

In September 2021 I had a $5000 month, then after learning how to market myself and doing my first big marketing campaign, in October 2021 I had an $18.8k month!!!

Now I want to help other business owners achieve the same if not BETTER!

Skin therapist, clinical educator and multiple six-figure online business owner! 

Hi, I'm Kelly 

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Doors open again in October 2023

Create a second stream of income that will help you generate $5k+ a month 

Have SUPER helpful skills or knowledge that can help people save time, make money or improve their health, wellness and relationships! 

Make a real impact and follow your purpose in life, instead of floating through life going with the flow!

Digital Product Academy is for you if you want to: