Increase retail sales, rebooking rates & client retention 

Queen of KPI's


If selling, retailing and rebooking freaks you out - you aren't alone!!

Queen of KPI's teaches you the mindset hacks you need and processes to follow in order to CONFIDENTLY retail & rebook whilst SERVICING your client in a professional manner! 

How would you like to make an extra $25k+ in your business a year WITHOUT scrambling to find new clients? 

It's THAT simple! If you aren't meeting those KPI's consistently, for every staff member, you are leaving money on the table!

Which is why I want to help you! 🤩

✅ $130/hr per staff member being made in your business 

✅ At least 1 retail product sold per day per staff member

✅ Rebooking rate of at least 70% 

What KPI's should I be striving for in my business?

A KPI is a Key Performance Indicator and is used to measure the success of different areas of your business.

These can be rebookings, retail sales and upgrades.

When you are wanting to grow your business, KPI's will help to give you a goal to work towards each day to achieve overall business growth!

⭐ So, what exactly is a KPI? ⭐

On average if your business isn't growing in revenue 4-10% a year, then your business is slowly declining!

The professional beauty industry has exploded in the past few years & as a result, has become extremely competitive!
 In order to stand out, become known as the best & create a loyal database who love everything you do, you need to switch from hard selling tactics that are pushy and out-dated, to effortlessly serving your clients in a way that gains their trust and positions you as the expert!

Whether you are a solopreneur or have a team of 8, client facing staff are the revenue generators in your business! And without revenue, you don't have a business!

I am a qualified dermal therapist and industry educator!
I have been fortunate enough to have worked for some of Australia's TOP skincare brands such as: Ultraceuticals, Aspect, Cosmedix, SkinPen and more! 
I've educated hundreds of therapists & beauty business owners worldwide in my career and hundreds through my online programs.
I have a thriving community on Facebook called Skin Lovers Unite and I'm the host of the Skin Lovers Unite Podcast! 
The #1 podcast for hungry skin therapists to learn and grow! 

Lover of all things skin histology, cellular function, ingredient technology, pineapple lumps & the colour pink!

Hi, I'm Kelly

When you join Queen of KPI's, you aren't purchasing another course.

⭐ You are taking aligned action to help you achieve your career goals

⭐ You'll feel inspired and expanded by others within the program as we all learn from each others experiences

⭐ You are entering a supportive environment, where you'll always be able to ask questions


⭐ You'll get my exact protocols on how to maximise every opportunity!

Why Queen of KPI's..

Queen of KPI's Masterclass
Pre-recorded so that you can watch and share with your team!

During this masterclass we will be covering:
  • Serving Rather Than Selling
  • How To Lead With Education 
  • Closing The Sale
  • Rebooking & Client Retention
  • The Client Experience

My consultation process from start to finish to make your sales process run SMOOTHLY and close more sales. 

8 x Skin Concern Flash Cards to ILLUSTRATE skin concerns
+ scripts to EASILY EXPLAIN these skin concerns to your clients BEFORE you even do the modules!

Audio explanations of each skin concern to help you explain skin concerns during your consults!

Daily Appointment Planning Worksheet to help you and your team plan out each day effortlessly and reach those 5-figure weeks!

7 x Client Forms that you can print and use every day!
These include:
  • Consultation Form
  • Skin Analysis Form
  • Client Facial Treatment Record Form 
  • 3 Month Client Treatment Plan
  • Aftercare Advice Form 
  • Client Skincare Routine Form
  • Photo & Video Release Form


One upfront payment of

Pay in full
$799 $399

prices listed here are in AUD (australian Dollars)
SELECT between usd/nzd/cad/eur/gbp AT THE CHECKOUT 😉


It's time to pair your skin knowledge with a seamless consultation process to achieve the results you dream of

Sera, Stellar aesthetics

We are about maybe a month in, and so far I have sold product daily, my team has doubled their product sales. Our approach to skin as a whole has changed, we’ve been using ourselves as models for results. We speak to every person about their skin even if they aren’t there for it. We have more confidence in our expertise & we are able to give our apprentice a skin education she simply couldn’t get form tafe or anywhere else

Kylie, Lotus Beaute 

"I wish I met you earlier in my career! I've learned more in the past 6 months since working with you, then I have in 20 years of my whole career. It's 100% been the gap that I needed to fill!"

Georgia Hall

Excellent! Absolutely nothing compares to this training. Very valuable information that I am so glad and grateful to have learned. Kelly is so easy to listen to and breaks concepts down into super simple terms that are easy to remember and explain to clients.

Beck hamilton

Amazing program that really helped me have a better understanding of the skin and helped me build my confidence in what I do. Highly recommend.

what my students are saying.. 

Yes!! Its encouraged to maximise results!

Can my whole team enjoy the content?


Queen of KPI's is pre-recorded so you can watch it at your own pace!

Is the training live or pre-recorded?


You'll get lifetime access to the program, so that you can come back and refresh on the training!

How long do I get access to the program for? 


I bet you're wondering....

your questions answered

You will have access to them digitally. It is up to you to print them out and laminate them.
However you can have multiple copies for all your rooms!

Do the flash cards get posted out to me?


This course has been designed for those working in the professional skin industry and those that are front facing with clients!

Can I do this if I'm not a beauty therapist? 


Not with this program, however you do with my signature skin program, SkinQueen Society

Do I get a certificate afterwards?


One upfront payment of

Pay in full
$799 $399

prices listed here are in AUD (australian Dollars)
SELECT between usd/nzd/cad/eur/gbp AT THE CHECKOUT 😉