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SkinQueen Society

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UP TO $1000 OFF!

UP TO $1000 OFF!

We know that clients need more than one facial and homecare in order to change their skin, but right now, you are struggling with this! 

little to no retailing + rebookings


You want to be performing more facials, peels & results driven treatments but you find yourself recommending them less and less as you aren't confident with skin

slow or no growth in the skin side of your business


When it comes to creating treatment plans, recommending products for your client and even creating content to market your business!

second guessing yourself all the time


I get it...
You've been in the industry for a few years now, or you've just entered, you're hungry for more skin education..
You've worked with countless clients, but still feel you lack knowledge around skin concerns & dermatological disorders..
You don't feel 100% confident when it comes to explaining & diagnosing skin concerns to your clients, and feel frustrated when trying to educate your clients..

finding reputable, accurate, reliable sources of education that aren't biased towards marketing claims or social media has proven to be super hard, so you struggle to know who to turn to for more education..


Let me guess, you're experiencing imposter syndrome and self doubt which is resulting in... 

Is your lack of confidence holding you back?

To the passionate & hungry to learn skin therapist..
I have a question for you:

I have created the ULTIMATE bundle that will help you thrive! 

But here's thing - you're not alone. I've been exactly where you are and...

✅ Felt EMPOWERED when it came to diagnosing skin concerns and creating treatment plans
✅ Knew how to SUCCESSFULLY attract high paying clients into your business
✅ Were known as the TRUSTED SKIN EXPERT

What if you..

I learnt so much! I love how we can go back at anytime to rewatch the recordings & go at your own pace, life is already hectic enough and to be able to have these recordings at your fingertips is amazing! The support from many others doing the course as well as the continued support from Kelly herself really is a society of its own! 100% recommend. Your just not taught this level of education when completing your diploma, a great self investment and investment to my business!!
- Gillian Leadbetter

Fantastic program, Kelly is a wealth of knowledge and her style of educating is so in-depth yet not overwhelming or brain numbing and she continues to support you the whole way throughout your Skin Queen Journey. I would definitely recommend Skin Queen Society to anyone who has a passion and interest in skin, wether you are new into the beauty industry or who has been in the industry forever like myself and need to refresh, this course is for you.
- Helaina Gunner

Excellent! Absolutely nothing compares to this training. Very valuable information that I am so glad and grateful to have learned. Kelly is so easy to listen to and breaks concepts down into super simple terms that are easy to remember and explain to clients.
- Georgia Hall

I absolutely loved it. I am only just beginning to come into the industry after completing my diploma of beauty therapy, and this course has already given me so much confidence and knowledge about the skin. Although I know I have many years to learn so much more! It excites me, thank you so much Kelly xx 
- Taylor Constable

Loved this course so glad I signed up. Definitely enhanced my knowledge and gained more confidence when explaining skin concerns. Definitely recommend!!
- Debbie Tollemache

feedback from past students

When you sign up to SkinQueen Society, you'll be invited to my private Facebook Group where all students can collaborate, educate and share their wins!

⭐ 8 x individual flash cards to ILLUSTRATE skin concerns
+ scripts to EASILY EXPLAIN these skin concerns to your clients BEFORE you even do the modules!

⭐ Phrases and scripts to NAIL your consults, double your retail sales & increase rebookings WITHOUT sounding salesy.

⭐ Social media templates to implement to start growing your followers immediately.

⭐ Client attraction pack to help you attract more clients, know which businesses to target, letters + scripts to message via Instagram to set up B2B collaborations.

⭐ Client experience checklist to help you create a 5 star experience where every step is well thought out to increase client satisfaction and retention!

GET Instant access to these game-changing resources!

▶ Module 1 - Skin Histology Fundamentals (21:31)
▶ Module 2 - Understanding Acne (48:25)
▶ Module 3 - Advanced Aging (33:12)
▶ Module 4 - Hyperpigmentation (19:52)
▶ Module 5 - Redness, Rosacea & Dermatological Disorders (24:04)
▶ Module 6 - Sensitive Skin and Impaired Barriers (18:42)
▶ Module 7 - Dry, Textured and Enlarged Pores (42:44)
▶ Module 8 - Treatment Plans + Case Studies (71:42) 

+ Bonus Module - Millionaire Mindset (68:51)
+ Bonus Module - How to Increase Client Frequency & Retention (41:06)
+ Bonus Module - Brands I Recommend

Are you ready to become a confident & successful Skin Queen?

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Five monthly payments of
$600 $450 AUD
Total investment $3000 $2250

PAyment Plan
5 x $450

One upfront payment of
$2997 $1997 AUD
One and done!

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⭐ 1:1 Maximise Your Profit Strategy Call to map out your multiple 6-figure revenue plan!
⭐ Access to Digital Marketing Machine so you know EXACTLY how to leverage your social media (valued at $1497)
⭐ Promotional launch pack to help you launch new promotions in your business and MAXIMISE the revenue



Five monthly payments of
$330 $220 AUD
Total investment $1650 $1100

PAyment Plan
5 x $220

Three monthly payments of
$550 $350 AUD
Total investment $1650 $1050

PAyment Plan
3 x $350

One upfront payment of 
$1500 $997 AUD
One and done!

Pay in full

All prices listed here are in AUD (australian Dollars)
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Sera, Stellar aesthetics

We are about maybe a month in, and so far I have sold product daily, my team has doubled their product sales. Our approach to skin as a whole has changed, we’ve been using ourselves as models for results. We speak to every person about their skin even if they aren’t there for it. We have more confidence in our expertise & we are able to give our apprentice a skin education she simply couldn’t get form tafe or anywhere else

Kylie, Lotus Beaute 

"I wish I met you earlier in my career! I've learned more in the past 6 months since working with you, then I have in 20 years of my whole career. It's 100% been the gap that I needed to fill!"

Georgia Hall

Excellent! Absolutely nothing compares to this training. Very valuable information that I am so glad and grateful to have learned. Kelly is so easy to listen to and breaks concepts down into super simple terms that are easy to remember and explain to clients.

Beck hamilton

Amazing program that really helped me have a better understanding of the skin and helped me build my confidence in what I do. Highly recommend.

what my students are saying.. 

Yes!! Better yet, if you are a solopreneur and want to go halfsies with an industry bestie then go for gold! 

Can my whole team enjoy the content?


SkinQueen Society is pre-recorded with topics unlocking after the completion of the previous one! 

Are the sessions live or pre-recorded?


You'll get lifetime access to the program, so that you can come back and refresh on topics over and over again PLUS get access to any new modules that get uploaded!

How long do I get access to the program for? 


I bet you're wondering....

your questions answered

When you join SkinQueen Society, you'll also be invited to join our private FB community where you can directly ask me for second opinions and help with your clients!

Is there any other support?


This course has been designed for those working in the professional skin industry. This includes those who have their own skincare brands, wanting to know more about the skin to help market your product!

Can I do this if I'm not a beauty therapist? 


You sure do! You'll get a certificate either addressed to yourself or your business upon completion sent via email!

Do I get a certificate afterwards?


I am a qualified dermal therapist and industry educator!
I have been fortunate enough to have worked for some of Australia's TOP skincare brands such as: Ultraceuticals, Aspect, Cosmedix, SkinPen and more! 
I've educated hundreds of therapists & beauty business owners worldwide in my career and hundreds through my online programs.
I have a thriving community on Facebook called: Skin Lovers Unite and I'm the host of the Skin Lovers Unite Podcast! 
The #1 podcast for hungry skin therapists to learn and grow! 

Lover of all things skin histology, cellular function, ingredient technology, pineapple lumps & the colour pink!

Hi, I'm Kelly. 

Make multiple 6 figures and beyond in the beauty industry 

Position yourself as the skin expert that clients want to trust

You don't need to study a 4 year University degree to be knowledgeable in skin science 

Help people achieve amazing skin health results AND get paid for it!

I wanted a fulfilling career in the beauty industry and I'm proof you can....

Not only will SkinQueen Society break down each skin histology topic in a way that's easy to understand BUT you will also learn how to attract your dream clients, how to host an epic consult that leads with education and builds rapport fast as well as how to change your money mindset around selling + increasing client frequency! 

There is no other program out there like this!

Imagine if you could show up every day for your clients and online - CONFIDENTLY

And now it's your turn!

Being able to confidently understand the root cause of a skin concern, NOT just the contributing factor!

You want to be able to confidently explain skin concerns to clients WITHOUT fumbling your words

You want to confidently create treatment plans & recommend retail products without second guessing yourself 

Doubling and tripling your business, simply because you went all in on skin and unlocked your passion! 

Having raving clients that are ever grateful for being able to create real skin goals!

This course is perfect for you if you want real results like....

I know how scary it is investing in yourself.. 
Thoughts come up like, "what if it doesn't get me results", "what if I don't have the time", but I know, if you set aside the time and implement the learnings, you will have multiple light bulb moments, which will set you up for a fulfilling career from here on out!

Clarity and confidence to be able to attract, talk and help clients achieve their best skin yet!

When you finish this course you'll walk away with

join now!