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Building and scaling a digital product

The pillars of digital marketing

How to grow your beauty business 

The easy way to explain skin concerns

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SkinQueen Society is my signature program that will educate you on topics such as barrier function, acne, ageing, hyperpigmentation, rosacea and more.
There are additional modules that will also teach you how to effectively plan treatments, host a consult, increase client retention, client attraction & money mindset! 

This is the ultimate program for anyone wanting to grow the skin side of their business & career!

Improve your skin science knowledge & become a confident Skin Queen (or King)

SkinQueen Society

If you've been out of the industry for a while or just wanting to refresh on your skin science knowledge, then you will love this program! 
This pre-recorded course will cover all top line topics regarding skin science and give you the confidence to treat & recommend retail to your clients!

Looking for a refresher program on skin?
This is it!

Upgrade Your Skin Science Knowledge in 10 Days!

This program is my best selling program to date as it gives you a taster of what my trainingstyle is like.
Learn how I explain skin concerns to clients in my mini training along with printable skin concern flash cards & scripts that you can use in clinic with clients on a daily basis!

For the therapist who is over fumbling her words in front of clients!

Explain Like a BOSS!

Say goodbye to 6-12 month coaching programs that cost thousands of dollars and hello to an express program that will give you all the steps, lessons & resources you need to GROW your business and become a Wildly Successful Beauty Business owner!

Everything you need to know to start growing your beauty biz and becoming wildly successful

wildly Successful Beauty Business

-Kylie, Lotus Beaute 

"I wish I met you earlier in my career! I've learned more in the past 6 months since working with you, then I have in 20 years of my whole career. It's 100% been the gap that I needed to fill!"

We are about maybe a month in, and so far I have sold product daily, my team has doubled their product sales. Our approach to skin as a whole has changed, we’ve been using ourselves as models for results. We speak to every person about their skin even if they aren’t there for it. We have more confidence in our expertise & we are able to give our apprentice a skin education she simply couldn’t get form tafe or anywhere else
-Stellar Aesthetics

-Georgia Hall

Excellent! Absolutely nothing compares to this training. Very valuable information that I am so glad and grateful to have learned. Kelly is so easy to listen to and breaks concepts down into super simple terms that are easy to remember and explain to clients.
- Georgia Hall

Amazing program that really helped me have a better understanding of the skin and helped me build my confidence in what I do. Highly recommend.
- Bec Hamilton

kind words

Not only am I an experienced dermal therapist, business owner and educator but I've also been fortunate enough in my career to have attended train the trainer programs that have taught me to be an engaging & interactive trainer as well! 

I understand that online learning can be dry sometimes, however I've done my very best to ensure I am offering an online learning experience rather than just slapping together another dry, boring recording, where you are being talked at for hours on end 😉

Online education should be a few things:
1. Easy to understand
2. Practical &
3. Fun

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